Your resumé: key to your success

Although finding a job while you are settling down in a foreign country is not an easy thing, La Passerelle is concerned with your professional integration.

 Did you know it?

 11 seconds is the time an employer remotes to the reading of your resumé. And yet your resumé is the best chance for getting an interview. So, in order to help you with your professional integration, we offer the following options in order to adapt your resumé to the Canadian style:



Resumé coaching: 50$

  • analysis of your resumé,

  • advices to structure it to specific Canadian-style resumé,

  • layout suggestions


Writing and layout of your resumé: 300$

  • analysis of your resumé,

  • writing,

  • Canadian-style resumé,

  • spelling check,

  • template resumé picked from a broad selection,

  • layout.


Writing, translation and layout of your French or English resumé: 500$ 

  • writing,

  • translation into one of Canada both official languages (French-English),

  • Canadian-style resumé,

  • template resumé picked from a broad selection,

  • layout.


Creation of a cover letter: 200$

While applying for a job, you will need to submit a cover letter with your CV in order to describe your skills and abilities. Once again, knowledge of some North-American cultural aspects is essential to get a job interview:

Work in Canada

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